Take Action

5 Ways You Can Start

“Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community,” said American writer Anthony J. D’Angelo. Let us show you how easy it is to care for older adults in our communities and inspire others.

1. Get Ready to Care

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2. Volunteer: Give Your Time

Volunteer with organizations that help seniors and support causes that help older adults.

    • Be a Santa to a Senior®: A community gift-donation program that spreads holiday cheer to lonely or financially challenged seniors.

3. Advocate: Lend Your Voice

You may be an expert-by-experience on issues that face older adults. Share your knowledge, and advocate for change, action, or research. Here are two places to start:

4. Donate: Give From Your Heart

Find a project worth giving to.

  • GIVE65: The first and only crowd-fundraising platform exclusively devoted to helping nonprofits raise money online for programs and services that create hope for seniors.
  • Hilarity for Charity Grants: In partnership with Home Instead Senior Care®, Hilarity for Charity awards grants for Alzheimer’s in-home care services to families in need of respite care.

5. Learn: Get Prepared to Care

Educate yourself about issues that impact seniors and their loved ones so you can be better prepared to care. Start learning today:

  • Education Programs: From cybersecurity for seniors to nutrition, learn about the issues that often impact older adults.
  • Help for Alzheimer’s Families: If you know a loved one with Alzheimer’s or a related dementia, these resources may help.
  • CaregiverStress.com: Are you or a family member caring for a loved one? It can be stressful. Learn the issues and tips to help.