Sep 24 Care Mission

Write a Letter

Let's send seniors some old-fashioned hand-written letters this week. While it may not completely stamp out the loneliness some seniors may face, it can help lift spirits and let someone know you're thinking about them.

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Finished this mission?

Make it count! Log your effort and $1 will be donated to charity*.

I’m Ready to Log It!

The Facts: According to a 2012 National Institutes of Health study, 43 percent of people over 60 felt lonely. While there may be many causes of loneliness in older adults, the study also showed that people who felt lonely were at an increased risk of death. This mission is about raising awareness about the impact of loneliness on seniors while helping to make a difference through a small act of kindness.

This week, take a minute to write a letter to a senior friend or relative. Here are three tips to help you craft a thoughtful letter:

  1. Make it personal. Share details about your family, work, or hobbies that have special interest for your senior friend.

  2. Get Creative. Draw a picture, add some doodles, or retell a funny story about something that happened to you. If you have kids, you could include some drawings from them.

  3. Show you Care. Writing about a special time you had together or thanking them for teaching you a skill can remind them how valuable and important they are. Take every opportunity to let your senior loved one know how much they mean to you.

Sending letters can be a good start to helping a senior feel less lonely, but don’t stop there! Now that you know about the negative impact loneliness can have, look for more ways to help seniors stay connected.

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Community Comments

  1. This would be for older family members. Good idea!

    Lenore A Daw
    13 Missions Completed
  2. Writing letters I can not do but I do notes on my phone I have PCs n in head pain all the time.

    6 Missions Completed
  3. There is a sweet senior lady who lives on my street and I visit her when I get a chance. I wrote a nice letter to her and she was so happy to read it and we had a nice visit together.

    59 Missions Completed
  4. After space of time from losing touch, I found a friend of my mother’s, only to find out that she can’t even write letters or sign her name anymore, but I know how much she loved receiving mail! The writing her a letter in great detail making sure it was a little lengthy, I know made her day! On the pages and on the outside of the envelope I’ve enclosed stickers and on the outside with smiles!

    14 Missions Completed

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