May 7 Care Mission

Snack with a Senior

The Facts: Did you know that some seniors may struggle to eat enough? Older adults can have problems chewing or a medication may interfere with appetite. But research shows lack of companionship may be the biggest challenge. Eating alone can magnify feelings of depression and lead to poor eating. Luckily, we have the power to take a bite out of this problem.

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Snack with a Senior

Bring a healthy snack to a senior neighbor or relative. Consider taking soft snacks that are full of flavor, like whole wheat muffins, dips like hummus, or a yogurt parfait with fresh fruit. And don’t forget the chit chat! Take a few minutes and ask them how they are doing, and really listen. Even better, sit down and enjoy a snack together.

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Community Comments

  1. Dana

    7 Missions Completed


    Thanks I will try that…..

  2. Greg

    5 Missions Completed


    Love this mission! Feed the heart and soul.

  3. Lauren

    2 Missions Completed


    Ate lunch & made cookies with a senior today.

  4. Karol

    10 Missions Completed


    I bring a donut and a coffee to one of my clients everyday. I also brought another client her favorite ice cream.


    0 Missions Completed


    Good day: I have help the elder’s in my community, and developed program for children in the community!

  6. Michele Chambers

    5 Missions Completed


    Went to the golf course and was a caddy for an old friends father. I had the best time listening to him talk about the past while we sat back and eat a snack, and drank some water.

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