May 21 Care Mission

Learn About Alzheimer’s

The Facts: With one in 10 people over the age of 65 living with Alzheimer’s disease, according to the Alzheimer’s Association, nearly everyone is touched by this disease in their lifetime. Alzheimer’s disease is a form of dementia, and while it’s the most common form in older adults, there are many more varieties. Some include Lewy Body dementia, vascular dementia, and frontal lobe dementia. It may sound complicated, but you can learn a lot in just a little bit of time.

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Learn About Alzheimer’s

Dementia Awareness Week starts May 21! Take this short 10-question quiz and increase your knowledge. It only a takes few minutes to better educate yourself about Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia disorders. Educate yourself so you can spot the signs and better care for your older relatives and senior community members.

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Are you living in Canada? We’ve got a quiz just for you, too!

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Community Comments

  1. Jeff

    3 Missions Completed


    Waiting at the airport. Elderly woman next to me had experienced numerous delays and gate changes for her flight to San Francisco. She was very confused, worried and scared. I was waiting for my flight to Newark at the same gate, also delayed. The monitor said Newark. Plane arrived and I knew it had to be her plane to SFO. There was a lot of confusion in the gate area. I was able to confirm it was her plane, reassure her and help her get on board.

  2. Greg

    5 Missions Completed


    The quiz was informative. Knowing some of the possible symptom of Alzihemers is helpful.

  3. Nancy Cooksey

    12 Missions Completed


    Listened to a neighbor who recently lost her husband and was stressing out about cancelling some long term insurance for him! I recommended she contact her insurance agent and they would take care of it! She had just done that this morning but could tell was still stressing out about it! I reassured her they would handle it as I had worked in an insurance office and knew that was part of their responsibility! I think she felt somewhat relieved!

  4. Sheryl

    3 Missions Completed


    There’s a great resource for learning about Alzheimer’s on the news stands until August 23rd. It’s a special magazine publication by Time magazine called “The Science of Alzeheimers-What it is, How it touches us, Hope.” Verybinformative!

  5. Evelyn Graham

    1 Mission Completed


    Hello. I always have a nice time with my clients. We talk about there family’s and cook for them and if shopping is needed I go to the store. They enjoy that I can cook up a good meal .I find that it is always best to keep their memories of there children and grandchildren freash in their minds . I always help with anything that needs to be done .I enjoy my job very much.

  6. Donna

    5 Missions Completed


    Quiz completed

  7. Donna

    5 Missions Completed


    Alzheimer’s quiz completed

  8. Michele Chambers

    5 Missions Completed


    I have unfortunately experienced Alzheimer’s/Dementia with several of my aging family members. Some of my best memories from my childhood are from the holidays and the whole family gathering at my maternal grandparents house telling story’s laughing and joking. My nanna (great grandmother, and my aunt Anne also my great Aunt) told some of the most amazing story’s in my opinion. It was almost like “titanic” and actually being there. By the time they past both of them suffered from Alzheimer’s/Dementia. My first husbands grandmother, and father also were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s before she past. All of them where great people that left a lasting impact on my life, and are part of the reason I am now so passionate about wanting to help.

  9. Peggy

    20 Missions Completed


    I took special classes for Alzheimer’s. I’m always lookingvfie a challenge and to learn. I scored 7out of 7

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