Mar 4 Care Mission

Help a Senior Get Tech-Savvy

You may be thinking seniors and technology don't mix. But that's a misconception. Learn how tech and gadgets can bring us closer to our senior loved ones.

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The Facts: Maybe your parents still prefer their land line and have never heard of Hulu. But even if they’re traditionalists at heart, they can still embrace new technologies to help them connect with others. According to a Gallup poll, older Americans are the fastest-growing group to use the social media platform Facebook. Technology has the power to reduce isolation by keeping in touch with friends and family. Medical and health devices are also working their way into homes as well, helping to support senior wellness and safety.

Here are three easy ways you can help a senior get more tech savvy.

  1. Set Them up on Social Media. This might be the perfect way to help an older adult easily see family photos, message friends, and keep in touch with relatives. It can have the added benefit of helping them connect to interest groups and hobbies.

  2. Get Smart (Phones). Smartphones aren’t just for calling these days. Show a senior loved one how these pocket computers can help enhance lives. Try downloading and showing them how to use a few apps or teach them how to use FaceTime to call a grandchild. Even something simple like loading in their contacts or teaching them how to use voice to text could really improve their access to information and family members.

  3. Keep them Safe. Go over safety tips and best practices to help keep their information secure and safe when online. The Protect Seniors Online program has tips and even a quiz to help prevent all users from getting scammed online.

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Community Comments

  1. Dana Smyth

    1 Mission Completed


    I text my mom every night to say goodnight, and how much I love her❤️

  2. Stacy

    4 Missions Completed


    Was able to get our father an iPad so we could FaceTime – has really helped to ‘see’ him when talking with him since he is so far away!

  3. Loretta

    1 Mission Completed


    It is always nice to take time out to bake something special for a senior citizen

  4. Rotasha

    4 Missions Completed


    My dearest friend stephaine she’s like a mom to me! She knows how to already to operate her phone and devices and social media

  5. Pamela

    3 Missions Completed


    Work history.
    Private care Sunny Henry.
    Care aid I was a private individual care a I was an aide for a private client in her home care for over 15 years my duties consisted of my assistants were needed light housekeeping prepped all meals as needed recept reception can’t reset care doctors appointments dispense meds every 3 to 4 hours CPR first aid certified I made sure her safe was met everyday and checked on her vital and checked her vitals by a monitor

  6. Pamela

    3 Missions Completed


    I have years of experience with ttie elderly. I do home health an receipt care.
    I prepare meals has companion and would love to have a job with the elderly

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