Apr 30 Care Mission

Double Your Care

The Facts: Together, through everyday acts of kindness, education, and understanding, we can help make the aging experience more positive for seniors. But even better, we can INSPIRE others to care and help spread the word.

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Make it count! Log your effort and $1 will be donated to charity*.

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Do a Kind Act. A Charity Gets $1
Finished this mission?

Make it count! Log your effort and $1 will be donated to charity*.

I’m Ready to Log It!

Double Your Care

Reach out to at least one person and ask them to join. Together, we can double our care impact and make a greater difference. Not sure who to invite? Think about your neighbors, relatives, and friends. Let’s show them just how easy it can be to put a smile on a senior’s face!

We’ve made it easy for you. Just share this care mission or the Join Us page with your friends.

Finished this mission?

96 seniors have been helped with this mission. Log your progress so we can add one more.

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Community Comments

  1. I chose to reach out to my Social Media (LinkedIn; Twitter; and Facebook) Networks to ask them to join this MOVEMENT!

    2 Missions Completed
  2. Me Too!!! Shared this on social media!! I can’t wait to start the conversation with my good friends that have shared the challenges of finding people that care as much as they do! This is a great way we can start celebrating those that do and encouraging other to do more!

    2 Missions Completed
  3. Shared on Facebook and asked my friends to join

    2 Missions Completed
  4. I have added to Facebook, Linkedin and my signature page of my email. I had one person just email me to let me know they signed up!

    2 Missions Completed
  5. Shared with all of my Facebook buddies. ๐Ÿ™‚ Asked them all to join.

    6 Missions Completed
  6. Iโ€™ve invited over 20 advocates to join the movement.

    1 Mission Completed
  7. I asked my online friends to join our tribe of good, caring people.

    2 Missions Completed
  8. Shared with my facebook friends asking them to join the movement!

    -Stormin Norman-

    2 Missions Completed
  9. I posted on Facebook and encouraged others to participate.

    4 Missions Completed
  10. Shared on FB ๐Ÿ™‚

    8 Missions Completed
  11. I work at an Assistant Living Home at night and I say hello to a few seniors each night. It is great to see the smiles on their faces.

    10 Missions Completed
  12. I shared with everyone in two Home Instead offices encouraging them to join!

    2 Missions Completed
  13. Shared with my friends and encouraged them to join the movement!

    2 Missions Completed
  14. Shared on Facebook!

    2 Missions Completed
  15. I asked all friends and family of Facebook to join me in participating in the โ€œIโ€™m ready to careโ€ movement!!

    19 Missions Completed

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*For every care mission completed on the Ready to Care website, imreadytocare.com, Home Instead, Inc. pledges to donate $1 to the GIVE65℠ program (up to $10,000) through July 31, 2019. GIVE65 is the first and only crowd-funding platform exclusively devoted to helping nonprofits create hope for seniors and enhance the lives of aging adults.