Jul 9 Care Mission

Donate to Help Seniors

On July 10–12, donate $10 to a project that helps seniors through GIVE65 or a favorite senior-focused non-profit of your choice.

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The Facts: If you’re not sure which organizations help seniors, GIVE65 is a great place to start. It is the U.S.’s first and only crowd-fundraising platform devoted to helping seniors. Since its inception, GIVE65 has raised and awarded more than $1 million to help seniors in communities across the country. This year, 125 senior-focused nonprofits are participating in the 65-hour GIVE65 Event, July 10 – July 12, 2018. With a cumulative fundraising goal of more than $1.5 million, these nonprofits are serving over 500,000 seniors annually! Your donation will help seniors in need of food, shelter, home improvements, transportation, activities at the local senior center and so much more. Visit www.GIVE65.org to find an organization in your community or search for a category of need that is close to your heart.

To complete this care mission, visit www.GIVE65.org through July 12 and search by city, state or category of need to donate to help seniors! If we all give a little, together we can make a big difference. Get started with GIVE65 or donate to a senior organization of your choice.

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Community Comments

  1. Tracy

    18 Missions Completed


    Donated to individual seniors in need!!!

  2. Robin

    6 Missions Completed


    I got a seniors car fixed n paid for it.

  3. Karol

    10 Missions Completed


    I dropped off $15.00 in a bottle that was at work that said feed Kermit your spare change and help us find a cure for Alzheimer’s!!

  4. Rita

    16 Missions Completed


    I am helping to organize a dance for seniors. I chose a band that plays old country music, I ensure the sound is at a comfortable level, the lighting is not too low, the seniors can sit at tables with others, suggest to be who are alone a possible table to join, and ensure that all are welcomed.

  5. Robin

    32 Missions Completed


    I brought food I prepared at home to some seniors that can’t cook anymore. They love the change!

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