May 28 Care Mission

Do Good. Feel Good. Inspire Others.

The Facts: The results are in. Helping others can help you, too. According to a survey by the United Health Group, 94% of people who volunteered in the last twelve months say that it improved their mood. In the same study, 96% said it enriched their sense of purpose. Don’t keep these happiness stats to yourself. Spread the word!

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Do a Kind Act. A Charity Gets $1
Finished this mission?

Make it count! Log your effort and $1 will be donated to charity*.

I’m Ready to Log It!

Do Good. Feel Good. Inspire Others.

This care mission is simple yet powerful: Share the quote. Inspire yourself and others. And because we know helping others can make you feel better too, sharing really is caring.

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Community Comments

  1. I had to go to work today taking care of a senior as I walked in to my shift I said Hi how have you been today. She loves seeing me and I look forward to seeing her every Monday 💜

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  2. I had a great conversation with my dad last night about what his next career will be after he retires from his job of 25 years. It was fun to brainstorm some ideas of jobs he has always wanted to try. Afterall, you are never too old to try new things!

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  3. I walked into my animal care job & whst did i see but an elderly man who lost his wife looking for companionship.Hearing his story, helping him by lending an ear. He came back inspired by my passion for animals & with his siste r…he came back a week later & adopted a loving lap cat to share his love.

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  4. I enjoy 99.9% if my clients. They make me smile and they appear glad to see me come. We laugh a lot together and I am glad I can comfort and hopefully I am a blessing to them!!

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  5. I talked to a resident at the Assisted Living place I have a client at and showed her how to use her feet to walk with her wheelchair. She was so happy because she can give her arms a rest. She Thanked me!

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  6. I took care of a senior today. I told the daughter that she didn’t have to pay me, that my friend and I would settle it later, she paid me, but I enjoyed myself with the senior that I gave my friend the money!!

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