Mar 25 Care Mission

Do a Home Safety Check

Learn about 5 common home dangers for seniors and what you can do to help.

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Finished this mission?

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Your Care Mission:

A throw rug. A single light in the hallway. A luxurious sunken tub. All three of these things contain a common home pitfall for older adults. Did you spot it? From bathrooms to lighting, get tips to spot common home dangers and then use your knowledge to help a senior in your life make improvements.

  1. Dangerous Tubs, Showers and Toilets. Sunken showers and tubs below floor level, slippery steps and missing handrails make for an accident waiting to happen.

    How to Help: Install grab bars.

  2. Treacherous Trip Hazards. Different types of flooring or items on the floor could create uneven floor surfaces or a trip hazard.

    How to Help: Evaluate the room for area rugs or electrical cords that could be a trip hazard. Remove or rearrange items that could be a danger.

  3. Perilous Stairs. Stairs aren’t always designed for those with balance or mobility issues. Railings often are only on one side of stairs and lighting in entrances may be inadequate.

    How to Help: Look into adding additional handrails.

  4. Hazardous Floors Material. Bathroom and kitchen floors could be slippery.

    How to Help: Runners with rubber backing are an inexpensive solution. Peel and stick traction slips also are available for some floor surfaces.

  5. Poor Lighting. Inadequate lighting could be an issue in entrances, bathrooms, hallways or bedrooms because it may be difficult to see obstacles.

    How to Help: Upgrade to LED bulbs that may be brighter and have a longer service life.

In a recent survey conducted by Home Instead, Inc. franchisor of the Home Instead Senior Care® network, of North American homeowners between the ages of 55 and 75, nearly 80% said they had given at least a little thought to what they will need to do to age in place.

To learn more about home safety for seniors and aging in place, visit the educational program Home Your Own Way.

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Community Comments

  1. I am a caregiver I love take care of elder people

    0 Missions Completed
  2. I love this job because I love old people.

    Kausar John
    0 Missions Completed
  3. Did a lot of this as Husband ‘s heatlh changed. We continue to make it safe in areas as needs change.

    21 Missions Completed
  4. Grab bars in bathtub or wall by bathtub are necessary

    0 Missions Completed
  5. My mom feel asleep cooking make sure that your smoke detectors are working.

    5 Missions Completed
  6. We do have shower bars in our shower! I always am sure all doggy toys are out of walking paths in the house! We have a handrail and wall on the opposite side for going up and down stairs! We keep night lights on to assist when needing to get up in the night! Trying to be aware during our aging years!

    Nancy Cooksey
    22 Missions Completed
  7. Good guidance tips. I adore the elderly very much. It has broaden my career as I work with them more often.

    Tsitsi Rosemary
    2 Missions Completed
  8. I appreciate your comments in making differences in seniors lives.

    We ourselves do not stop learning and are an integral part of keeping our seniors safe. While I don’t comment often I implement the suggestions you make. Thank you


    1 Mission Completed
  9. Very good tips, I used to do home health nursing, so many dangers! Will share!

    3 Missions Completed
  10. This is very important!! Especially those uneven floors , steps… they can be very unkind to the elderly

    1 Mission Completed
  11. I’m a caregiver and on the aging side myself. As we grow older, we don’t want to change things. If it means you can stay in your home it’s worth it!

    8 Missions Completed
  12. In one of my seniors home I moved a throw rug that was at the top of the stairs going down to basement.

    Christine Marcum
    21 Missions Completed
  13. Change all smoke alarm/CO detectors with the new sealed lithium 10 year battery-type. Your senior will never be bothered by the chirping of a low 9v battery.

    3 Missions Completed
  14. I really love giving care to elderly that’s my job and I love it as a CNA

    1 Mission Completed
  15. I got my mom a bench for her shower and had my brother install a handrail in her shower and near the 2 steps leading down into her living room.

    2 Missions Completed
  16. I got my mom a bench for her shower and had my brother install a handrail on the wall and a handrail near the 2-steps leading down into her living room.

    2 Missions Completed

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