Oct 8 Care Mission

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Let your heart guide you to complete a random act of kindness for a senior this week. Then, share your experience in the comments.

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The Facts: Did you know there are over 1,700 Ready to Care℠ members? Together, we’ve completed nearly 1,200 care missions, and we continue to make an impact on increasing the world’s capacity to care for seniors through giving, serving, and learning.

This week, look for unique opportunities to help seniors during your day and step up to carry out an act of kindness. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • At the store, look around to see if anyone needs an extra hand.
  • Help someone with a chore or task that might be difficult.
  • Check in on someone to see how their day is going.

What did you do this week? Share your care mission experience in the comments.

You can also connect with us on Facebook or Instagram, and use the hashtag #ReadyToCare to share your care mission experience.

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Community Comments

  1. Lenore A Daw

    12 Missions Completed


    I listen to book on tape with my senior who is almost blind to let her know I also enjoy listening to the book which encourages her.

  2. Kennady

    14 Missions Completed


    One of the participants at my work LOVES to sing, another LOVES to watch game shows. They both are relatively quiet, but when you encourage them to do the things they love, you can hardly contain them! Today, I took a few minutes out of my routine to sit with each of them one on one and participate in the activity they love. Their faces lit up and we both had a really good time!

  3. Donna

    8 Missions Completed


    I prepared lunch for my senior and then we solved a word- find puzzle together.

  4. Christine Marcum

    12 Missions Completed


    For a senior that is blind I read her Church bulletin to her and what is happening this week so she knows what is going on in her Church.

  5. Carrie

    3 Missions Completed


    spent some time with an elderly couple and talked about growing up and life and their dog! Always good to get to know people and who they are

  6. Kelly

    1 Mission Completed


    Helped my neighbor cleanup his yard

  7. Deb

    16 Missions Completed


    I fix supper for my parents on Thursdays

  8. Emma

    4 Missions Completed


    I made dinner for my grandma and later painted her nails!

  9. Karol

    10 Missions Completed


    I held doors for them. I walked them to their car. I asked them how they were feeding. I called and asked to see if they needed anything at the store. I pull the trash bin out for them and put it at the end of the driveway.

  10. Christine Marcum

    12 Missions Completed


    While in store a senior was trying to reach something way out of his reach. I ask him if he needed help…he said you are shorter than me but I could stretch farther and I had a ink pen in my hand and it was toilet paper so I put the end of the ink pen in the corner and pulled it and several others where he could reach them. He said that was a great idea and thanked me.

  11. Christine Marcum

    12 Missions Completed


    I opened car door for a fellow church member this morning.

  12. Christine Marcum

    12 Missions Completed


    I opened car door for a fellow senior church member with a came this morning.

  13. Wendy

    3 Missions Completed


    I helped my dad pack up his house because he is getting ready to move to an apartment. The idea of moving is overwhelming to my dad. My helping him pack was a complete relief to him

  14. Katherine

    9 Missions Completed


    This week I went to a neighboring home, she’s 82 years old and was expecting company from out of town, knowing this, I went by and asked if there’s anything I can do to help her prepare, she asked if I would help in the kitchen a little bit, and right before I I left she kind of hesitated but I told her to ask anyway, she asked me if I would mind sweeping the hangar a little bit, which is basically an oversized garage for airplanes! Of course I was glad to do it, come to find out I wasn’t the only one trying to help her out, there was another gentleman out there straightening up as well. I can’t wait to go back this week to find out how her visit went!

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