Oct 22 Care Mission

Challenge a Friend

You may already be a Ready to Care℠ champ, but did you know you could double your impact by challenging a friend to join you? This week, reach out to at least one friend and challenge them to sign up and complete their first care mission.

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The Facts: If every Ready to Care member did one care mission and challenged a friend to do the same, we’d complete over 3,400 acts of care in one week to help make the world a better place for seniors.

Here are some ways you can challenge your friends to take their first mission:

  • Challenge your friends on social media with something like this: Did you know I’m completing weekly missions to help make the world a better place for seniors? This week, I’m challenging you to take your first mission! Sign up to get started: https://www.imreadytocare.com/.

  • Use the #ReadyToCare hashtag on Facebook and Instagram to talk about your care mission experience and challenge friends to sign up and take a mission.

  • When you’re walking with a friend, carry out a care mission in front of them, such as opening a door for a senior. Explain that it’s that simple to make a difference and invite them to join you.

  • Challenge a friend to see how many care missions you each can complete in a week.

Let us know if your friends accepted the challenge!

You can also connect with us on Facebook or Instagram, and use the hashtag #ReadyToCare to share your care mission experience.

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Community Comments

  1. Awilda Cruz

    4 Missions Completed



  2. Sharon

    2 Missions Completed


    I gave some spare change to a lady that needed some gas for her car.

  3. Rita

    8 Missions Completed


    Challenged my friends on FB.

  4. Emma

    3 Missions Completed


    I challenged my coworker!

  5. Nancy Cooksey

    12 Missions Completed


    Challenged my friends on Facebook! ❤️

  6. Billie

    1 Mission Completed


    I gave a lady some money to bless her with gro.

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