May 14 Care Mission

Call a Senior

The Facts: 11.3 million seniors live alone, according to the Institute on Aging. Of older adults living outside of nursing homes, nearly one third of them live alone. Who is most at risk? Women. They are twice as likely as older men to live by themselves. And as age increases, so does the likelihood of living alone. Helping is an easy call to make!

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Call a Senior

Texting is an easy way to keep in touch, but sometimes picking up the phone is the best way to get the job done. Call a senior parent, relative, or neighbor and be a caring voice on the other end of the line.

Is small talk a struggle for you? Here are some tips to get the conversation started:

  1. Ask them about their family, such as their grandchildren.

  2. Ask them about hobbies or recent activities.

  3. Ask them for advice. Older adults have a lot of life experience, and you could benefit from their wisdom.

Now you’re ready to dial in some care.

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Community Comments

  1. Karol

    10 Missions Completed


    I call my sister-in-law 3 times a week to see how she is doing.

  2. Kerry

    2 Missions Completed


    I called my Aunt and Uncle in Florida just to say Hi and connect with them!

  3. Diane

    3 Missions Completed


    Just got back from vacation so called to share some adventures with my senior Mom!

  4. Shannon

    4 Missions Completed


    I have not talked with my senior dad in a long time. I reached out to say hello and see how he has been.

  5. Shannon

    4 Missions Completed


    I left my senior dad a voice mail message.

  6. Julie

    9 Missions Completed


    While out of town with my family, we ate lunch at a restaurant recommended by my 91 year old grandmother. I called her after the incredible meal to tell her how much we enjoyed it! We discussed what she usually orders when she has visited there in the past.

  7. Sheryl

    3 Missions Completed


    Called an elderly friend I hadn’t talked to her in a few months. It was great to touch catch up again.

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