Dec 17 Care Mission

3 Ways to Help Reduce Senior Loneliness

Learn how to spot senior loneliness and take action to help a senior who may not have friends or family nearby.

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The Facts: An older neighbor recently lost her husband and is facing the holidays without him for the very first time. You notice she didn’t put up a tree or decorate this year. And while her daughter visits her a few times a week, you rarely see your neighbor leaving the house. This is what senior loneliness may look like, but you can help make a difference.

According to a NIH study, 42% of elderly participants report feeling lonely. People may be at increased risk of loneliness if they live alone, have recently lost their spouse, don’t have access to transportation, or have limited mobility that prevents them from leaving their home.

Loneliness is a serious issue, but it can be prevented. If you know someone who may be alone, here are 3 ways you can help:

  1. Stop over for a visit and to check in.

  2. Offer to take them to the store or to run errands.

  3. Include them in your family’s holiday activities or gatherings.

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Community Comments

  1. Stephanie

    1 Mission Completed


    I picked up Christmas cards so that my Senior can send them out. I got her some Christmas-y wrapped chocolates and she loved them. You can even get sugar free.

  2. Amy

    13 Missions Completed


    This is my mom, first holidays without Dad. For so many years she was caring for him, she wasn’t in a position to do much else. We’ve been out of the habit of asking her to join us for the routine things. But we’re changing that… Cookie baking last weekend, Christmas concert tomorrow, more to come!

  3. Katherine

    11 Missions Completed


    I went by today to visit an elderly neighbor, her birthday is Tuesday, so we had a nice discussion of her plans and her events with her daughter’s coming up, she was thrilled pink just to be able to have someone that’s not her child to talk to! She even invited me back in a few weeks.

  4. Katherine

    11 Missions Completed


    The nearest Santa tree for me is an hour and 15 minutes away, it took me a little bit to even find that on Google! So instead one of my co-workers church has a care tree, I can pick a senior or a veteran from off her tree and do my part that way! Looking forward to doing that this evening!

  5. Diane E Boush

    1 Mission Completed


    The other day I walked with an elderly senior lady and her dog from the community mailboxes to her building a ways away and chatted since she seemed lonely.

  6. Nancy Cooksey

    18 Missions Completed


    Last week I hugged and told a newly widowed friend I have been thinking of her and asked her her winter plans and how she was doing?! She thanked me for asking and caring! The firsts are always so hard!

  7. Rotasha

    4 Missions Completed


    Me and my daughter had lunch twice at sweet tomotes with my senior friends shes family to me and like a second mom to me and on new years we are going to church bringing the new in together!! She’s has a daughter shes just out of town but i love helping and seeing people smile it warms my heart …

  8. Emma

    4 Missions Completed


    Made some cookies and brought them to my grandma, and I stayed and made dinner for her!

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